Kansas Wind Power Develops Municipal Program

Kansas Wind Power has created a distributed generation model that will enable each city to have a wind farm up to the size of their base load.

Lenexa, Kansas – March 24, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] “This model has been done in Europe, but as far as we know, it’s never been done before in the United States,” said Troy Helming, chief executive officer of Kansas Wind Power. This innovative approach utilizes Kansas Wind Power’s ability to achieve economies of scale, such as bulk turbine purchases, financing terms and construction efficiencies that would not be possible for an individual municipality wind project. Kansas Wind Power will finance and construct the projects together to achieve the lowest cost of energy possible for each municipality. In many cases, municipalities will be saving money over their current electricity rates. “The main objective is to achieve the lowest energy cost, but we are also trying to spread the wealth. Not only will we enable many cities in Kansas to have a new low cost energy generation source, but also spread the economic benefit of wind development across multiple counties within the state,” Helming said. “We’re passing along the savings to each municipality.” Kansas Wind Power, having obtained commitments for the first 30 MW of power from five cities, is in the process of obtaining similar agreements with other neighboring counties for the same project. At Monday’s meeting, the Larned council unanimously authorized City Manager Don Gaeddert and City Attorney Jerry Larson to work out a letter of intent for a 10 MW wind farm. Gaeddert said the wind farm would include seven or eight large wind turbines, each standing on 263-foot-tall towers. “People are very supportive of this,” Ralph Carnold, Larned City Mayor said. “And of course, there’s the environmental aspect of it. The more electrical energy you produce with wind power, the less energy that has to come from burning fossil fuels.”
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