Joint Venture on Track for Ethanol Objectives

Strictly adhering to its established production and shipping timetables, Florida-based DDS Technologies USA, announced that it will deliver the first of a series of dry disaggregation processors to the Iowa ethanol production plant of its joint venture partner, Xethanol Corporation, an independent waste/biomass-to-ethanol processor, in early January. The joint venture company, DDS-Xethanol LLC, is integrating DDS’ proprietary technology with Xethanol’s waste-to-ethanol expertise to convert corn waste and other organic waste matters into starch and other valuable co-products. The starch will be converted into fermentable sugar as a feedstock for ethanol production.

Boca Raton, Florida – December 29, 2003 [] “With explosive growth expected in waste-to-ethanol production, and the priority being afforded this developing industry by the Federal government, we firmly believe that integrating our technology with our partner Xethanol, will enable us to make substantial inroads into this burgeoning market,” said Spencer L. Sterling, President and CEO of DDS Technologies. “By successfully demonstrating our capabilities in this first-time effort to produce ethanol from corn product wastes, maintaining on-time schedules and holding the line on budgetary considerations, DDS will also be able to exhibit the significant potential that our technology has for a broad array of industries.” Sterling expects that during this initial processing phase, this first-of-a planned series of DDS processors will be able to process approximately 80 tons of biomass waste per day. “We are confident that the success of our joint venture, with Xethanol, will pave the way for additional revenue-generating agreements with other leading companies, within agriculture and other processing industries, enabling us to implement our strategic growth plan, expand the company and achieve our business objectives,” said Sterling. According to DDS Technologies USA, this will be one of the first truly economically viable corn waste to ethanol productions systems in the United States. DDS-Xethanol LLC expects to be ramped up and processing various feedstocks by mid-January. “We believe that this on-time delivery of the initial DDS dry disaggregation processor, and its unique and viable low-operating-cost recovery and extraction technology, enhances our relationship with DDS and puts our joint venture well on the way to processing multiple waste streams into ethanol and other valuable co-products,” said Xethanol President Chris d’Arnaud-Taylor. “After the initial processing phase objectives are achieved, we fully expect to increase our production capacity requirements, accepting additional DDS processing units, as we move ahead to penetrate the growing ethanol market.”


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