Italian Companies Build Renewables Plants in North America

The Italian energy group, ENEL SpA, has built two renewable energy power plants in the United States and Canada, with a total capacity of 53 MW.

ROME, Italy, IT, 2002-01-07 [] Its subsidiaries, Erga and CHI Renewable Energy, constructed the US$34 million Fenner windfarm in New York state, with the Atlantic Renewable Energy Company of Richmond. The facility has 20 Enron 1.5 MW turbines and received funding from by the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority through the state’s ‘Energy Smart’ program. In Quebec, CHI has commissioned the 23 MW St. Felician biomass project to burn wood bark for generation. The Cdn$42 million project has a single steam-driven turbine generator which CHI operates in partnership with the Societe Generale de Financement du Quebec. The output will be sold to Hydro Quebec, the provincial utility, while the steam is sold to an industrial customer. CHI also invested $7 million to purchase six small hydroelectric plants in Vermont and New Hampshire, with a total capacity of 4.5 MW. The plants, known as the Sweetwater hydro group, will sell power to several electric companies and now are part of CHI’s portfolio of 50 small hydro plants in the northeastern U.S. “These new projects, consisting of wind, hydro and biomass, represent our belief in the value of a diversified renewable energy portfolio,” says Edward Stern, CEO of CHI. “The Fenner project in particular represents the future value of ‘green attributes’ from renewable power plants in competitive power markets. Erga and CHI chose to construct the Fenner project on a merchant basis in order to capture that value, and have received great support from the Town of Fenner as well as from NYSERDA and the administration of New York Governor Pataki.” Erga claims to be the world’s largest power producer in the renewable energy market, with 2,300 MW of capacity in Italy, the U.S. and Canada. It is developing another 800 MW of hydro, geothermal and wind power plants.
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