Italian Biomass Gasification Project Planned

Babcock Wilcox Volund (B&W) is to supply biomass gasification plants in Italy under the terms of an agreement potentially worth up to €100 million [US $147.44 million]. The combined cycle gasification (CCG) technology is to be delivered to Advanced Renewable Energy Ltd. (ARE) in Italy under the terms of a 10-year agreement.

B&W will be the exclusive supplier of CCG technology to ARE for as many as 25 small-scale, biomass-fueled power plants with orders for six plants anticipated this year. The first facility is scheduled for commercial operation in the first quarter of 2010.

Each of the power plants will be designed to produce 4 megawatts (MW) of electricity using wood chip biomass to produce gas fuel for engines that will drive electric generators. Heat in the flue gas produced during the combustion process will be recovered in a heat recovery boiler, producing steam to drive a steam turbine/generator and allowing the plant to operate at an electrical efficiency of approximately 45%.

“Through this agreement with ARE, B&W will continue to expand the reach of its innovative combined cycle gasification technology,” said Brandon Bethards, B&W’s president.

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