Is Algae-to-Energy Sustainable?

Algae is one of the hottest sectors of the renewable energy industry. New technologies are emerging rapidly, investors are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into companies all around the world and costs per gallon are steadily coming down. Algae certainly represents a versatile energy option, but is it truly renewable or sustainable?

Riggs Eckelberry, President and CEO of Origin Oil joins us this week to talk about why algae represents an important option for CO2 emitters in industrial applications. We’ll also discuss the company’s Helix BioReactor, which may dramatically boost algae production. To see some clips of the company’s product, play the video below.

We’ll also look at when the stimulus package may stimulate renewable energy companies in the U.S. Graham Jesmer sits down with a John McKinsey of Stoel Rives and Chris Flannery of Piper Jaffray to talk about project finance, turmoil in the capital markets and the positive outlook on the political front.

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