Ireland Renewables to Triple by 2005

A new government push for Renewable Energy in Ireland could bring more than 1,600 new construction jobs and triple the supply of Renewable Energy by the end of 2005.

Dublin, Ireland – February 28, 2003 [] The government has sanctioned an additional 578 MW of new green power to be built by the end of 2005. This will bring the total energy from renewable sources to 735 MW, up from 157 MW at the end of 2002. In total, this is capable of generating power for 500,000 homes. The 578 MW of new green energy to be delivered by 2005 under the AER VI (alternative energy requirement) competition will also: – Reduce Ireland’s dependency on imported fossil fuels by more than 4 million barrels of oil (7 oil tanker shiploads) every year or 60 million barrels of oil (100 oil tanker shiploads) over 15 years (the lifetime of the Renewable Energy equipment); – Improve Ireland’s national trade balance by redirecting money previously spent on energy imports back into the local Irish economy. This is worth around 2 billion Euro to the Irish economy over 15 years (the lifetime of the contracts); -Create 350 new secure long-term jobs in Renewable Energy equipment operation & maintenance and 1,600 full time construction jobs over the two year building phase. Most of the new energy will come from onshore wind projects but, for the first time, 50 MW will be generated offshore in what is seen as a major new initiative. Other green energy generators under the scheme are landfill gas, small scale hydro power plants, anaerobic digestion plants and biomass steam cycle CHP.
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