Investment in Small-scale Waste-to-Energy in UK

The UK’s Reclaim Resources Ltd. has signed an investment and partnership deal worth £5 million [US $7.4 million] with private cleantech investors James Buchan and Paul Barratt. As part of the deal, a new company will be established that will focus on the manufacture of Reclaim’s Vantage Waste Processor – a household waste-to-energy solution.

The device reduces raw, unsorted household waste by up to 60%, transforming it into biomass ready for conversion into a range of energy resources including electricity and bio-ethanol. The system uses “thermal hydration” — processing and sanitizing waste material through a continuous feed rotating stainless steel chamber. Reclaim will have a 25% interest in the new company, which will be based in Latvia.

“Alternative energy sources are currently a key priority for many countries across the globe and existing waste management solutions are compounding current issues of global warming and toxic waste. A number of the solutions that are being proposed have significant drawbacks and offer very little real benefit. In Reclaim Resources, however, we believe we have found a system that will have a real impact on waste management,” Barratt said.
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