Intrepid Producing Pipeline-Quality Green Gas

Intrepid Technology and Resources, Inc. has successfully processed biogas generated from dairy manure into commercial pipeline-quality natural gas. This is a major breakthrough by Intrepid, which believes it is the first commercial firm in the U.S. to achieve such results on a privately funded basis.

Results from American Mobil Research Inc. in Casper, Wyoming, a natural gas analysis laboratory, confirmed that the gas produced from Intrepid’s newly installed gas conditioning equipment meets the heating value requirement for direct injection into a commercial pipeline-distribution system. The gas contains acceptably low levels of sulphur and the methane purity content obtained by Intrepid is 99.7%, which is equivalent to 1008 BTU’s per cubic foot of gas, exceeding expectations. “We are extremely appreciative of the close cooperation and collaboration we have received from our technology partners and equipment suppliers. That is particularly true of the Andigen/Utah State University team,” said Jake Dustin, president of Intrepid, “who developed the proprietary Induced Blanket Reactor digester technology that we selected as our demonstration platform.” Dr. Dennis Keiser, CEO of Intrepid, stated, “We are now ready to proceed with delivery of our first commercial load of green gas to Intermountain Gas Company and begin building regional biogas fields in earnest. Having established the fact that animal waste can be converted into a clean burning, pipeline transportable, and renewable energy source, we intend to start developing the first renewable large scale gas field in the world and we start on that project today.”
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