Intrepid Expands Its Biogas Facilities Fivefold

Installation of the next two new-generation digester tanks has begun on a biogas production facility owned by Intrepid Technology and Resources, Inc.; the fivefold expansion of the Whitesides will bring the plant to a ten-tank system. Intrepid also plans to expand the new Westpoint biogas plant near Wendell, Idaho, with two of 15 tanks en route.

All of these tanks have been redesigned and improved based on experience gained over the past couple years operating the prototype Whitesides facility. The redesigned tanks, which allow for the removal of sand and silt while the tanks are in operation, are significant enough that Intrepid and Andigen, through Utah State University, are applying for a joint patent. Once all installation work has been completed and both plants brought back into production, they will produce approximately 250,000,000 cubic feet of clean biogas annually, gleaned from agriculture feedstock and industrial and agriculture waste materials.


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