Intrepid Begins Commercial Use of Bio Gas

Propane used for process heat at the Whitesides bioreactor in Idaho is on its way out now that the reactor is producing enough methane to do the job. Intrepid Technology and Resources (ITR) operates the bioreactor, and the anaerobic digester has come up to production speed after beginning operations in October of 2004.

ITR President Dr. Dennis Keiser said, “This is obviously a significant step in demonstrating the commercial viability of our Methane to market technology where clean gas is produced and sold for residential, industrial or transportation applications. This technology and our proprietary processes, and this first use of our gas bring us significantly closer to actual gas sales. The hydrogen sulfide equipment is working exceptionally well and the biogas being produced is absolutely odorless after processing.” ITR is a methane to market technology and production company, and aims to establish products that assist in energy independence and reduce pollution from agricultural feedstock and agricultural waste materials. Four of the six Directors of ITR have purchased $1.5 million in shares of the company’s common stock, which is a new investment development for the company. Over the last 2 years no officer or Director of the company has engaged in any sales.
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