International Fuel Technology Improves Biodiesel Fuel Blends

International Fuel Technology, Inc. (IFT) announced that independent test facility in Belgium, BfB Laboratories, recently completed testing on a number of fuel additives and their impact on biodiesel fuel blends.

IFT’s multifunctional additive technology demonstrated that it provides benefits and solutions to two very critical issues associated with biodiesel use: oxidation stabilization and deposit control, according to the tests conducted by BfB Laboratories. IFT’s proprietary fuel additive technology — along with fuel additive technologies from leading fuel additive companies — were tested to determine their effectiveness with respect to oxidation stabilization and deposit control in biodiesel fuel blends. On a stand-alone basis, IFT technology outperformed all of the other fuel additive technologies in addressing deposit control and performed better than average in addressing oxidation stabilization. In addition, IFT technology clearly demonstrated the ability to enhance the performance of numerous other additive technologies in addressing oxidation stabilization. “The worldwide focus on renewable, cleaner energy sources such as biodiesel is undeniable. Just as ethanol blended into gasoline has become a market reality, so too is the market for biodiesel blended into diesel fuel,” said Sergio C. Trindade, IFT’s Chief of Science and Technology. Axel Farhi, IFT’s Director of Global Business Development, said, “The results from BfB will allow IFT to position itself commercially as an additive partner of choice for the rapidly expanding bio-diesel industry. This is a clear confirmation of the ability of IFT technology to improve the quality and stability of bio-diesel fuel blends at a critical time when the world is progressively moving toward their increased use.”


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