International Energy Developing ‘Algae to Oil’ for Many Applications

International Energy, Inc. announced this week that it has launched its “algae to oil” research and development initiatives to produce renewable diesel and jet fuel based entirely on the photosynthesis of algae, which have the unique capability of taking carbon dioxide and converting it into a high-density natural oil.

As a result, algae have emerged as one of the most promising sources for biofuel production. In contrast to food crops or cellulosic materials, certain algae produce and accumulate oil naturally and can, in the process, clean up waste by absorbing and utilizing nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide, aiding in carbon sequestration and the mitigation of climate change.

International Energy employs proprietary microalgae that naturally photosynthesize CO2 and water to liquid hydrocarbons, and accumulate up to 30% of their biomass in the the renewable equivalent of petroleum.

“With the capacity to produce oil naturally and needing little more than sunlight and carbon dioxide to flourish, algae may well be the antidote to depleting fossil oil reserves and growing concerns about increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide,” said Mr. Harmel S. Rayat, a director of International Energy.

The company believes that algae-based biofuels will make up a significant portion of the 35 billion gallons of renewable fuels needed for President Bush’s Advanced Fuel Initiative by 2017.
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