Institute for Local Self Reliance Promotes Minnesota Plug-Ins, New Solar Roof Tile Wins “Cool Product” Award

On a local level, the means to energy independence are all around us. The difficulty lies in orchestrating a sustained effort to tap these resources. This has been the working philosophy of the Institute For Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) for over 30 years, and it has lead to many important gains for the renewable energy movement. In this week’s edition of “Inside Renewable Energy,” we’ll hear from ILSR vice president David Morris on the organization’s latest triumph — the successful campaign for a new law in Minnesota that requires the state to give priority to plug-in hybrid vehicles and to take steps toward establishing a flexible fuel vehicle industry.

Morris testified as an expert witness before a number of legislative committees and says that Minnesota lawmakers of both political parties are fully behind the push for alternative-fuel vehicles. In the week’s podcast, we’ll hear from Norm Dodd of the Open Energy Corporation, whose Solarsave roofing membrane recently won a “Cool Product” award at the Pacific Coast Builder’s Conference. Solarsave integrates solar technology into roofing tiles that can be installed like conventional tiles. The net result, says Dodd, will be more solar on more roofs as customers embrace a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to standard solar panels. “Inside Renewable Energy” offers the latest in renewable energy news.

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