Installation Sets Stage for Biodiesel Boom

American Biofuels (ABF) and biodiesel producer, Green Star Products, Inc. (GSPI), which is a 35 percent owner of ABF, have taken delivery of their second 2.5-million gallon reactor for their Bakersfield biodiesel fabrication facility.

Bakersfield, California – December 11, 2003 [] The new reactor is being installed in tandem with the first. When installation is complete, the production capacity of the plant will have increased from 50,000 gallons per week (2.5-million gallons per year) to 100,000 gallons per week (5-million gallons per year). The Bakersfield Plant will close for one week during installation of the second reactor. This short installation period was made possible because all peripheral equipment and plant infrastructure needed for its support were set in place during the plant’s initial assembly. The plant’s initial infrastructure and peripheral equipment is capable of handling 35-million gallons per year of production. ABF has signed a non-disclosure agreement with a Bakersfield fabricator, who constructed the second 2.5-million gallon reactor. “Creating an alliance with a top quality fabricator capable of handling volume production is an essential step in meeting our short and long term objectives,” said Joseph LaStella, Director of ABF and President of GSPI. The agreement sets the stage for further expansion of the Bakersfield Plant and for production of modular components for future plants soon to be constructed. ABF said that with a quality fabricator solidly in place, they will be ready to accelerate the building of its next biodiesel plants. “The plant’s modular design, allows us to manufacture complete plants within the Bakersfield area and ship them, ready to assemble, anywhere in the country and the world,” said LaStella. “Our plan within the next two years is to have plants in Phoenix, Arizona; Salt Lake City, Utah; Seattle, Washington and Mexico.”

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