Indie Energy Nets US $2.4M in DOE Geothermal Funding

Indie Energy Systems Company LLC has been awarded funding by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the continued development of the company’s smart geothermal technologies for commercial and public buildings. The US $2.45 million grant will contribute to the geothermal conversion of the Local 150 International Union of Operating Engineers office campus in Countryside, Illinois.

“This is a very exciting time both for our program and the geothermal industry in the United States,” said Edward Wall, DOE’s Program Manager, Office of Geothermal Technologies, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. “Together we can accelerate technology development and expand the reach of this transformative industry.”

The DOE grant includes support for Indie Energy’s smart simulation and metering technology that makes it possible to utilize the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act incentives to reduce or eliminate the first cost obstacle to widespread geothermal adoption.

“Indie Energy is a leader in geothermal building systems and technology and has successfully implemented over two million square feet of geothermal building systems throughout my district and the State of Illinois. Their work in the field of energy efficient, renewable technology has created a significant number of green jobs, while also reducing thousands of tons of carbon annually. As a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, I have worked hard to promote a comprehensive energy strategy to combat climate change caused by greenhouse gases, and I am very pleased to see the U.S. Department of Energy support Indie Energy’s work in this area,” said U.S. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois.

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