Indian Leader Calls For New Alternative Energy Rebates

The new chair of India’s parliamentary committee on non-conventional energy, Bangaru Laxman, has called on state governments and municipal bodies to change their by-laws to facilitate the use of non-conventional energy resources.

PUNE, India (IN) 2002-01-30 [] He says existing building by-laws and rules concentrated only on the use of conventional energy and says “state governments should be giving rebates to people showing interest in non-conventional energy.” A circular has been sent to state governments to advise on changing by-laws to encourage the use of alternative energies. The Rajasthan government has made it mandatory for hotels, hospitals and large residential complexes to install solar heating systems and the state has announced a rebate for every unit of electricity saved through the use of non-conventional energy. A draft has also been prepared for the Indian Planning Commission, asking it to earmark funds for the development of non-conventional energy in the next five-year development plan and to provide power to 18,000 non-electrified villages in India using solar, hydro and biomass energy. Laxman was opening a solar water heating system at Raanwara in Pune, that will provide hot water for 560 residential flats and reduce power bills by US$100,000.


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