Illinois Wind Gives City Green Power Option

Wind power marketing company Community Energy (CEI) doesn’t limit its purchasing power to contracts with utilities and commercial businesses. The city of Naperville, Illinois has entered into an agreement with CEI for a voluntary municipal program that allows all residential and commercial utility customers within the city the opportunity to purchase emission-free, renewable sources of electricity from wind, sun, and water.

The Naperville Renewable Energy Option, which begins in January, offers renewable energy purchases that start at $5.00 a month. Charges for the program are added directly to a customer’s utility bill. City residents and businesses can choose the participation level that best fits their energy usage and their budget. It is estimated that signing up at the minimum level of $5 per month for 200 kWh of Naperville Renewable Energy has the same environmental benefits as planting 181 trees or not driving 2,310 miles. “Municipally-owned utilities, like ours in Naperville, have the responsibility to take the lead in doing the right thing to help our environment,” said Director of Public Utilities Allan Poole. “By supporting renewable energy in Illinois, we are displacing energy produced with fossil fuels and substituting it with energy generated from natural resources.” The renewable energy supplying the Naperville Renewable Energy Option program is comprised of 90 percent wind energy, 5 percent small-hydro, and 5 percent solar energy that is generated entirely within the State of Illinois. Crescent Ridge Wind Farm is one of the wind developments that will supply power for the city’s program. Success for the municipal program should lead to more renewable energy being built in the state. Solar power for the program will come from Chicago-based solar power projects, and the hydropower will be generated by a small, low-impact hydro-facility located on the Fox River in Illinois.
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