Illinois Public and Private Partners Take a Stand for Clean Energy

Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) announced that Illinois public and private sector partners plan to support a clean energy policy, which includes a strong commitment to energy efficiency and renewable energy in Illinois.

Citing a recent report by the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, which estimates that a clean energy policy could generate $1 billion in electricity bill savings for Illinois consumers and businesses in 2021, the companies are backing a plan to increase Illinois’ commitment to energy efficiency.

Led by Dow Chemical Company, Owens Corning, Metropolitan Caucus of Mayors, local governments and private sector employers across Illinois, the new plan is part of a collaboration between these organizations and the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) to further Illinois’ clean energy future.

“Municipalities can be a significant and important source of clean energy,” stated Mayor Thomas J. Murawski, mayor of the Village of Midlothian and Chair of the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus’s Environmental Committee. “Municipalities that produce clean energy through renewables and energy-efficiency projects not only improve air quality, they help lower the overall need for energy generation.”

More than $22 billion leaves Illinois every year to pay for imported energy. Increasing the state’s commitment to clean energy will keep more money in the Illinois, to be spent, saved, and invested by Illinoisans, further stimulating the economy.
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