Idaho Geothermal Wells Have Power Potential

[] Geothermal wells at the Raft River site in Idaho could produce a net output of 10 MW for area power needs. US Geothermal is developing the Raft River site, and the company stated that a fifth production well on the site did not have the same commercial potential as the other well. The company will consider the possibility of re-drilling the fifth well in a direction that will bring it closer to the productive flow zone. GeothermEx of California analyzed the flow test data from the sites and found that each of the four productive wells have an initial capacity of 13.8 MW. Results from the well test program will be incorporated into the first phase of building a power plant at the Raft River site. A long-term power purchase agreement with Idaho Power Company is pending approval before the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. The Raft River site is US Geothermal’s first power project, and is scheduled to begin production of electric power in 2006. The company currently owns or leases 5.8 square miles of land or geothermal rights. The land contains proven energy reservoirs that GeothermEx estimates could yield 90 MW of electric power. It is believed that the entire known geothermal resource area could host an energy generation potential in excess of 200 MW of electric power.
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