Hydropower Prototypes to Explore Ocean Power on West Coast

Bourne Energy has developed three renewable, dam-free, silent and invisible hydropower systems, the OceanStar, TidalStar and RiverStar, that have the potential to harness the state’s virtually untapped resources of wave, tidal and river energy. For the next 24 months Bourne plans to build full-scale prototypes of each technology, which will be used as demonstrators.

OceanStar is a submerged ocean power harvester that interconnects to form mile-long underwater energy capture arrays situated a few miles offshore. TidalStar is a submerged tidal power harvester that interconnects to form long tidal fence arrays. RiverStar is an in-river, dam-free river power harvester. Each of these hydropower systems uses modular components making them highly adaptable to specific sites. All three have technologies incorporated into the energy absorber, energy transmission, control and mooring systems. The company’s hydropower systems have no need for dams or reservoirs and come with no emissions, noise or visual impact. The 3,000-mile coastline from California to Alaska contains enormous amounts of wave and tidal power, which range up to 65-kilowatt/frontal foot of wave energy. Along the California coast, yearly averages show wave power as having a 17 times advantage in available energy per square meter. Bourne’s OceanStar, TidalStar and RiverStar series are capable of producing electricity, clean water and hydrogen while the OceanStar also mediates the risks to coastlines and breakwaters from the ravages of storms as well as serves as a security barrier.
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