Hydropower Generators from ADDNEW = Your Cash-Printers?

Doubt? Yes, no doubt at all! 300 successfully completed Hydro Power Projects installed with ADDNEW’s Hydropower Generators in the past 35 years are now printing cash for their owners all over the world by selling the electricity generated.


Those Cash-Printers spread over Albania, Chili, Congo, India, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Zambia, etc. which have been maintaining their peak performance after the installations till now.

Water-to-wire total solutions and complete plant integration, reliable quality proven by the, above projects, optimized equipment performance from 35-year expertise & experience, competitive prices from efficient management, promptness in both equipments’ delivery & technical support, and many more advantages benefit you not only in saving the initial investment and but also in the optimized performance of the whole plant in the long run after installation.

Every endeavor at ADDNEW is to guarantee your maximum return from your investment and satisfy your specific requirement in every aspect. Contact ADDNEW now and you will never regret!

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