Hydrogen Facility Designed for Household Use

A U.S. company says it will release a small hydrogen generating system within six months that will allow homes and small businesses to power their own electricity generation at a cost effective price.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, US, 2001-12-20 [SolarAccess.com] Hydro Environmental Resources Inc says the system will allow users be become independent of their public utility. It is negotiating with Pure Power Technologies of Las Vegas to produce the hydrogen generating systems, with the first model to be delivered before January 7. Pure Power Technologies claims to have experience in the conversion of internal combustion engines to hydrogen power, and has been looking for low cost hydrogen to make their systems commercially viable. Once testing is completed, the companies will supply hydrogen-generated electricity to households and small businesses with initial production of the equipment at PPT’s assembly plant in Texas. “The initial system will provide 13.5 kilowatts of power, and various other systems of different sizes are contemplated,” say officials at HERI, who note that there have been many attempts to create fuel from water, most of which have been unsuccessful or not cost effective. Many processes involve the input of energy to produce hydrogen, thus creating more problems than are solved. HERI claims to have overcome the problems without requiring large reactors, high pressure tanks, external fuel source, purified water or large machinery with moving parts. It claims to use an electrochemical procedure which produces electricity, heat, hydrogen gas at low pressure and distilled water. The company says its hydrogen generating process has no moving parts and requires low maintenance. The ElectroChem Hydrogen Fuel Reactor produces hydrogen gas at low pressure, using any source of water, say company documents. Multiple compounds are added to water, producing a reaction which occurs between 60o and 300oF, to release the hydrogen gas.
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