Hydrogen Development Open to Foreign Business in India

[RenewableEnergyAccess.com] India has issued a public invitation for foreign owned companies to join the nation’s businesses in research and development of hydrogen technology and infrastructure. Minister of State for Non Conventional Energy Sources Shri Vilas Muttemwar made the announcement that foreign companies are permitted to set up 100 percent owned subsidiaries or joint ventures with Indian partners for financial and/or technical collaboration in new and renewable energy, including hydrogen energy. Foreign companies can also set up new and renewable energy projects on Build-Own and Operate (BOO) basis. At present there are 23 Research and Development projects under implementation in different institutions across India. However, in order to prepare a National Hydrogen Energy Road Map for the country and to oversee its implementation the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources has created a National Hydrogen Energy Board comprising representatives from Government, industry, academia, research institutions and exports. Shri Muttemwar further said that thrust areas are hydrogen production, transport, storage, delivery and its applications in systems/devices for transport, portable and stationary modes. The scientific and technical challenge is to make hydrogen and alternative fuels commercially competitive in the nation.
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