Hydroelectric Options for County

Low impact hydropower is an option for any entity looking for a power source. The County of Yadkin, North Carolina is looking into the Energy Commander (EC IV) from Internal Hydro International (IHDR), a low impact hydroelectric generator manufactured for industrial, residential and natural flow situations.

August 23, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] If the company and officials from Yadkin County agree that hydropower will suit the county’s needs, Yadkin will be a site for units in the company’s Phase Two operations during fielding of units. IHDR is hosting numerous groups of potential user industries who are viewing the EC IV in operation at an on site location in Tampa, Florida. The hydroelectric generator uses 65 pounds of water pressure to create 25 kW of electricity. The Company will select 20 sites and companies for fielding of the units in the next three months.
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