Hydro & Siemens Cooperate on Floating Wind Turbines

Hydro and Siemens Power Generation have entered into an agreement to cooperate on technology to develop floating wind turbines based on Hydro’s Hywind concept. Siemens will deliver the first wind turbine for the demonstration unit, which will be positioned off the coast of Norway.

Locating wind turbines offshore has obvious advantages, such as reduced visual impact and increased power production due to strong and stable wind conditions.

Floating offshore turbines could be installed at sites with greater water depths. Hydro currently has a license to place a demonstration turbine offshore near Karmoy, an island in the southwest of Norway. The company is also considering the possibility of locating the wind turbine near an oil installation with the aim of supplying it with renewable energy.

“Siemens Power Generation is already a leading supplier of offshore wind turbines on fixed foundations,” said Alexandra Bech Gjorv, head of Hydro’s New Energy area. “This new technology partnership will give us a leap forward in installing the world’s first floating wind turbine at sea.”

Hydro is part owner of the wave power company Ocean Power Delivery which is to construct the world’s first commercial wave power station off the coast of Portugal.

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