Hydro Alternative Energy Tests Tidal Power Turbine Prototype

Renewable energy company Hydro Alternative Energy announced that it recently conducted initial in-water, off-shore testing of its patent pending turbine prototype designed for use in planned commercialized tidal water power applications.

The test involved the turbine prototype being positioned in the Intracoastal Waterway by a company-chartered vessel and demonstrating the production of electrical current through testing methods.

Mark Antonucci, chief financial officer and co-founder of HAE, was quoted as saying: “We are wildly excited about the results of such initial testing, which far exceeded our expectations. Our turbine technology will clearly accelerate our efforts to produce working turbines for clean, low-cost electric energy production and deployment in slow moving water in areas not yet currently serviced.”

Jon Landau, chief executive officer of HAE, said: “We are developing a system to generate clean, inexpensive and predictable energy by converting ocean and tidal currents into usable energy through our planned Hydro Power Generation System. Utilizing these currents, we believe we will be able to create significantly higher levels of power generation as compared to other renewable and/or alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power.”

Recently, Hydro Alternative Energy Inc. acquired all U.S. and international patent and intellectual property rights to certain water power technology for use in certain commercialized water power applications. (HydroWorld 2/4/10)

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