Hurricane Biomass Could Offset Cleanup Costs

August 17, 2004 [] Trees are a natural casualty of hurricanes, and Green Energy Resources of New York is requesting that Florida and national officials turn the losses into an energy source that could help offset the massive cleanup costs. The company sells biomass wood products in the national and international market, and called upon the Florida Governors office, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), State Emergency Management Agencies (SEMA) and State Secretary’s Offices to process Hurricane Charley tree damage and fallen branches into woodchip form. The traditional disposal methods are to dump and burn the wood waste. Hurricane Charley will cost Florida at least $15 billion, according to preliminary damage reports. Chipping, rather than dumping, would turn the storm-damaged wood into a marketable commodity, according to Green Energy. Storm damaged wood as a biomass commodity conforms to the standards of the Urban Tree Certification System, and is compliant with the Kyoto protocol guidelines. Wood recovered from the storm guarantees power plant operators that the product they burn in co-firing is eligible to receive the green certificates necessary for renewable energy criteria.


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