Hungary Joins REEEP

On Monday, Hungary became a formal partner of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP). Hungary is the 35th country to become a partner of the REEEP, an international public-private partnership that promotes policies and regulations in support of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Hungary is the second East European government to join the partnership.

By joining forces with the REEEP, Hungary intends to contribute to the development of regional policies.  Hungary is particularly interested in cooperating with the governments of neighbouring countries in the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes. 

“The Hungarian Government has drafted a Renewable Energy Strategy and an Energy Efficiency Strategy and Action Plan. Both of these areas are covered by the activity of REEEP,” said Dr. Garamhegyi, Deputy State Secretary of the Hungarian Ministry of Economy and Transport.

For example in 2020 the renewable energy contribution to the total primary energy supply will be about 14-16%. Hungary has already met its green electricity target of 3.6% (the original deadline was 2010), however it wants to support the continued development of renewable energy.

The policy changes are creating a more favourable investment environment for the country. 

“The country has the most successful ESCOs [Energy Service Companies] in the region and as a large agricultural producer Hungary has enormous potential for bioenergy,” stated Marianne Osterkorn, REEEP’s International Director.

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