How to Make a Greener Biofuels Industry

Many people worry about the impact that wide spread adoption of biofuels will have on the environment. When biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel become primary sources of energy, conscious consumers will want to know that they are purchasing a product that is environmentally sound. So how will anyone tell if the fuel they are buying is actually green?

One way to help consumers would be to create a biofuels index, which would rate various fuels based upon farming, transportation and production techniques. According to a research team at the University of California, Berkeley, such a rating system should be implemented in order to encourage the biofuels industry to become more environmentally friendly. One of those researchers, Alex Farell, Director of the UC Berkeley Transportation and Sustainability Research Center, joins us to talk about why a biofuels index is so important. Also in the podcast: The New Hampshire Senate unanimously passed a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) last week, sending the bill to the governor’s desk to be signed. According to activists and legislators that worked on the RPS, strong bipartisan support for the bill is indicative of the growing appreciation for renewable energy around the country. We’ll have a short feature story on the New Hampshire RPS and its broader implications. Inside Renewable Energy offers the latest in renewable energy news and information.

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