How Sara Palin Helps Solar and RE

Want an inexpensive way to spread the word about solar, wind, and energy efficiency to consumers and businesses? Try commenting on articles and blog posts about global warming–especially when it’s a story about Sara Palin supporting coal or oil.

Say what you will about Ms. Palin, but when she speaks, people don’t necessarily listen, but they are inspired to weigh in with their personal perspectives on global warming, positive or negative. It’s these online debates that are great teachable renewable energy moments to the general public from RE experts like you and me. ::continue::

Let me be clear: No matter what you say in these comments, the global warming non-believers will not be listening to you. They have made up their minds, and there is little chance that you can change their opinions. So what’s the point of commenting?

It’s for the green people there. As I said, when Ms Palin comments about energy issues, she draws passion from both sides. Like my brother-in-law in my previous blog post, many professional and armchair environmentalists are misinformed about solar financing and technology. By responding to any inaccuracies from either Ms. Palin’s supporters or from the environmental supporters, you will be educating the public about the 2009 realities of solar and other renewables.

7 Solar Fred Commenting Tips:

  1. Don’t personally attack Ms Palin—at all. Respond only to her words about energy and global warming and her solutions.
  2. Don’t exaggerate. Just honestly and respectfully share what you know.
  3. Talk about the inaccuracies of any statements from any side. Correct these with facts and non-advertising links. is a favorite one for me.
  4. Provide solutions to the green consumers there. They are primed and passionate, ready to do something about global warming. With the accurate information that you provide, you just might inspire a few people to find a local solar installer, for example. If you have a blog post that has good ecuational info, you might leave that web address too.
  5. If you feel compelled to respond to any attacks directed toward one of your responses, respond politely and accurately. It’s to your advantage to sound reasonable, especially to the environmentalists who want green wisdom and facts, not another shouter.
  6. Don’t make any snide or sarcastic comments to anyone. Again, sarcasm does not inspire reason or positive action, but only gets people to think up another quip in return.
  7. Don’t advertise. Stay on point. Be specific to the conversation. At the end, you can leave your web address or blog address, but that’s it. If you just self-promote and are off topic, you’ll just be dismissed as a spammer.

If we all spent a little time doing this every time Ms. Palin makes the energy policy news, consumers and businesses open to RE would become more educated and consider it much faster.

Thank you. Think Solar.

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Tor Valenza aka "Solar Fred" is the Chief Marketing Officer of Solar at Impress Labs, a PR, marketing and communications firm dedicated to helping solar companies reach solar customers through innovative messaging, branding, PR, and social media communications. Follow him on Twitter @SolarFred.

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