House Passes Revised Energy Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a revised Energy Bill that will increase fuel economy standards and improve some energy efficiency programs. The bill also includes measures to increase biofuel production and geothermal development but leaves out tax incentives and a national renewable energy quota. The Bill passed by a vote of 314-100.

“The passage of energy legislation substantially improving automobile fuel efficiency is an important step forward. However, as Congressional leaders have pointed out in recent days, critical work remains undone,” said Gregory Wetstone, Senior Director of Governmental and Public Affairs at the American Wind Energy Association, in a written statement after the vote.

That unfinished work includes extending the investment and production tax credits, creating a federal renewable portfolio standard and, down the road, crafting a cap-and-trade system that will put a dollar amount on greenhouse gas emissions.

“With today’s vote we begin our journey to solve global warming and achieve energy independence,” said Union of Concerned Scientists President Kevin Knobloch in a statement. “We can get there by enacting a national renewable electricity standard, passing economy-wide climate legislation, and preserving existing federal and state authority to regulate global warming pollution.”
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