Home Heat & Power Cogeneration Follows NASA Space Applications

Limited production runs of a new co-generation system for homes in North America are about to begin according to the Stirling Technology Company (STC), which has produced power generators for use in space.

KENNEWICK, Washington 2002-02-19 [SolarAccess.com] Stirling principle generators have been produced and tested for NASA but the latest larger model under demonstration and test, the RG-3000, is said to produce 3 kW of reliable power plus heat for residential applications using a wide variety of local fuels. The company says that as an external combustion machine, RemoteGen is able to operate on nearly any fuel source, from “natural gas, propane, white gas, solar energy, biomass, diesel and radioisotope fuel sources.” STC says its generators have already demonstrated more than 65,000 hours of maintenance-free, degradation-free operation on a ‘life test’ machine and the company claims that because of verified reliability and fuel-efficiency, NASA has selected STC’s generators for future deep space and planetary lander power systems (using solar concentrators or radio-isotopes). Because of long-life and maintenance-free operation, STC says its generators are by far the most viable technology to provide electric power, and hot water if needed, from any available fuel source. The company adds that with RemoteGen, there are no membranes, catalysts or reformers to complicate new product manufacturing issues. STC says its co-generators are designed for mass-production using conventional machining and assembly techniques and common materials such as Inconel, steel and copper. Friction-free design is claimed to eliminate wear and the need for lubrication, virtually eliminating any maintenance and the company says its RemoteGen system can be configured to generate 120VAC@60Hz or 240VAC@50Hz, or any standard AC or DC voltage.
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