High efficiency?low cost has become the developing trend of solar PV power generation

After experiencing a period of explosive growth, the competition between PV industries has increasing fiercer. This trend has caused another wave as the USA carried ‘double anti’ to the Chinese PV inverter products. In the process of industry consolidation, many domestic PV manufacturers suspended the production for rectification. The fierce situation forces the companies to find a way out. How to decrease costs of modules, improve the component photoelectric conversion rate become the hot discussion topic among the industry.


In the 2012th Hainan tour Island PV industry BBS of July 12th, Many government workers, exports and industrial representatives come together and discuss how to respond the industrial crisis and how to survive and the direction of the pv inverter development. The guests who attended the meeting all thought that under the current situation, high efficiency?low cost has become the developing trend of solar PV power generation.


It is said that the double anti and debt crisis in Europe have made the investors and financial agencies lock of confidence. Many PV enterprises are hard to continue and the industry comes in the deep integration period. But the guests have said that as the gap of traditional power has gradually expanded, the price of PV product row pv power inverter material silicon increased and the acknowledge of every country to the clean energy application has strengthen, the end of the PV integration is prospected and the future is bright.



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