Headwaters and GRE to Create Blue Flint Ethanol Plant

A joint venture between Headwaters Inc. and Great River Energy (GRE) calls for construction and operation of a 50 million gallon per year state-of-the-art ethanol production facility in North Dakota, on land adjacent to GRE’s Coal Creek power plant North Dakota. It is called Blue Flint Ethanol.

Headwaters and GRE hope to complete negotiations and commence operations in March 2007. Headwaters would own a majority of the facility and provide construction and plant management services. GRE would be a minority owner and service provider. The Blue Flint facility will purchase more than 18 million bushels per year of locally grown corn for ethanol production. In addition to ethanol production, the facility will produce dry distillers grains, a high-protein, nutritious feed for livestock and poultry. Approximately 40 new jobs will be created in Underwood to run the plant. Ethanol produced at the plant will be sold by a local distributor as an automotive fuel and additive, with dry distillers grains being marketed by local organizations. As the increase in natural gas prices has given rise to more coal-fueled plants, Blue Flint will use redirected waste heat generated by the adjacent Coal Creek Station power plant, enough to supply heat provided by a boiler.
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