Hawaiian Electric Company Pursues 150 Million Gallon Biodiesel Agreement

Hawaiian Electric Company recently filed an application for approval of an anticipated 5-12 million gallon biodiesel supply contract for its new 110 megawatt (MW) Campbell Industrial Park generating station.

Imperium Services, LLC will supply Hawaiian Electric’s total fuel requirements for the Campbell generating station. Biodiesel, a clean-burning renewable fuel, can be made from a variety of vegetable oils and other feedstocks and can be used in most diesel engines with no significant engine modifications.

“We look forward to helping the state of Hawaii reduce its dependence on petroleum and achieve a more sustainable and self-sufficient energy future,” said Martin Tobias, CEO and Chairman of Imperium Renewables, Inc.

Imperium will work with Hawaiian Electric and others to promote the development of a local agricultural energy industry to supply Hawaii-grown feedstock.  

According to a report from the Hawaii Agricultural Research Center, Hawaii could produce more than 150 million gallons of biodiesel per year from local feedstock.  Actual construction of the 110-MW simple-cycle combustion turbine-generating unit is expected to begin in early 2008 and is planned to be in service by mid-2009.

Imperium’s planned 100-million gallon per year biodiesel plant will be on land leased from the state Department of Transportation at Kalaeloa Harbor. The company has completed its environmental assessment and found no significant impact and will continue to pursue necessary permits.


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