Has Big Oil Been Untouchable Too Long?

What is the big deal about renewable energy?

Fossil fuels have brought us from the industrial age to this very fast paced tech savy culture we are all apart of today. There is accountibility everywhere, there are always cameras, microphones, and even your web history that leave a trail of what you have done and what you might be doing next. And because this is the information age, I have the capability of knowing when our president has an over zealous sneeze. We have all of this information presented to us about the harm in fossil fuels, and the potential for us to move on to cleaner renewable energy that has the capability to remove, lessen or even reverse the effects of many years of over use. 

By and large I beleive big oil has had the power to limit what clean tech breakthroughs see the light of day, electric cars have been built before now, and most of them have dissapeared. Now im not a big conspiracy theorist, but I do know how politics work and I just wonder exactly how many congressmen have been elected on big oils budget. 

Every year 3 billion gigatons of Carbon Dioxide is released into our atmosphere. I may not be completely sold on global warming, but global equalization of tempatures seems more likely and excess Carbon Dioxide is a major culprit. The amount of pollution created every year increases our risk for diseases such as cancer, and the hole within our ozone layer increases the amount of harmful solar rays, which directly results in skin cancer. 

Renewable energy offers a very clean alternative to a very dirty energy source. For example solar panels do not need to be searched for, or escavated, or transported. I guess its a very big reason i am such a big proponent of solar energy, because it can be harnessed and used everywhere. Solar heating systems give off exactly zero pollution and might even be more reliable at heating water then our more traditional sources.

PV Panels can be installed on homes across the world and studies have shown that America will be the largest PV Panel market in the world by 2013. Other renewable resources include hydropower, wind energy, biomass, and geothermal. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, however the biggest disadvantage for any renewable resource is cost. Fossil fuels are so cheap that many renewable energy providers can not create enough value for the consumers to make the switch. 

Renewable energies are the answer to our ever growing energy needs, as well as our answer to prevent further polluting the environment. I think that makeing big oil more and more accountable will help push us into the renewable energy revolution. 

* There are also many low cost forms of renewable energy, however most do not create electricity. Use of these products can still make a difference in our planets struggle to be clean and free of harmful substances. 

What are the biggest obstacles in creating a world that is powered on clean, efficient energy? 

The biggest obstacle to the advancement of different types of renewable energy is price for the consumer. When oil, coal and natural gas prices rise enough it will be a no brainer to switch. But as for now furthing renewable technology and searching for more cost effective ways to produce the materials is key. Efficiency is also another huge factor. By increasing efficiency we can reduce the amount of time needed to recoup peoples investment. 

If you could share your views or experiences of renewable enegy, maybe we can discover some of the other factors holding back renewable energy…

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