Harvesting Technology Turns Harmful Ocean Algal Blooms into Ethanol

Las Vegas, Nevada [RenewableEnergyAccess.com] AlgoDyne Ethanol Energy Inc.’s research has led to the development of a new process to harvest significant amounts of biomass from marine algal blooms, which occur in almost all oceans of the world. They are often caused by man-made nutrient pollution and are known to be harmful to the aquatic ecosystem. AlgoDyne believes that its harvesting technology could yield huge amounts of biomass usable for ethanol production at virtually no cost, and this harvesting of harmful algal blooms would ultimately protect the ocean’s marine ecosystem. AlgoDyne Ethanol’s proprietary micro-algae-based (phytoplankton) technology provides a means to produce clean, renewable energy from the continual harvest of biomass from Photo-Bioreactors. The end result is the production of ethanol, methanol, biodiesel, electricity, coal and animal feed — all in a carbon dioxide-neutral way.
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