Gulf Ethanol Explores Partnership in Uruguay

Gulf Ethanol Corporation, a Houston-based energy company, has initiated negotiations with representatives of government and industry of the nation of Uruguay to produce both feedstocks for ethanol production and production facilities.

Uruguay is in the process of developing a national strategy to develop ethanol as a major renewable energy source and export product.

Discussions, coordinated by the U.S. Department of Commerce, centered on the synergy between Gulf Ethanol’s interest in exploiting the potential of sorghum as a non-food fuel stock for ethanol production and the ideal conditions for sorghum production in Uruguay.

In addition, the discussions focused on technological exchange and commercial opportunities between Gulf Ethanol and private enterprise located in Uruguay.

“Gulf Ethanol plans to lead development efforts along the Gulf Coast of the United States through the implementation of ethanol production using non-food fuel stock,” noted JT Cloud, Gulf’s President. “The price of food crops has been adversely affected by ethanol production in the Midwest and America needs alternative fuels produced from sources that don’t increase food costs.”

In an earlier release, Gulf announced an initiative to develop alternative fuel stock for the production of ethanol.

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