Growing a Sustainable Hydropower Industry

Think the hydropower resource in the U.S. is all dried up? Not even close. According to the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), there are still about 100,000 megawatts of hydro resources available in this country. That’s not even considering the tens of thousands of megawatts available in our oceans and tidal estuaries.

Doug Hall, Program Manager for the INL Water Energy Program, tells us about how what types of technologies the industry may use to exploit this resource in a more sustainable way. 

We’ll also speak with Trey Taylor, Co-Founder and President of Verdant Power, a company that is developing kinetic hydropower turbines. Trey will talk about Verdant’s technology and about some of the lessons learned during its pilot project in the East River off New York City.

Finally, National Hydropower Association Executive Director Linda Church Ciocci talks about the slow regulatory process at FERC and MMS, what kind of national incentives the industry relies on and how perceptions of the industry are changing within the government.

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