Grocery Chain to Install Earth Energy Heat Pumps

One of the largest grocery chains in the United States will use earth energy heat pumps for a key energy savings pilot program.

AUSTIN, Texas – DeMarco Energy Systems says its ‘Energy Miser’ technology has been selected by Supermarket Environment Services Company to provide refrigeration and heating at grocery stores. “We received a call from a major grocery store chain who said they wanted to get green and to think outside of the box for their energy needs,” explains Phil McNamara of SESCO. Each store will require 100 tons of space conditioning, most of it for extensive refrigeration equipment. By comparison, an average home requires 3.5 tons. “We’re delighted that this new application has come to light for our technology,” says Victor DeMarco. “The scale of economy that the ‘Energy Miser’ can produce for them will be dramatic.” The DeMarco Energy Miser is a patented geothermal system that can save up to 70 percent in commercial, institutional and industrial applications, compared to conventional HVAC technologies. Most earth energy units transfer absorbed solar heat from the ground, but the DeMarco system uses the thermal energy in municipal water mains, reuse water or any other managed water supply. “We look forward to working with forward-looking companies such as SESCO,” adds DeMarco. “We want to help them and other smart companies get an edge over their competition by enabling them to enjoy lower energy costs with the ‘Energy Miser’ system.”

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