Grey Water Geothermal Utilities Used in Australia

Encore Energy Systems, Inc. has announced plans to make their grey water geothermal solutions available to the wastewater treatment industry in Australia. Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) are expanding to meet demand the world over, and grey water reuse is becoming a major player in the renewable energy sector.

Grey water makes up approximately 50-80 percent of residential wastewater and is a valuable asset for many communities throughout the world. WWTP’s are sourcing solutions for customers’ demands and finding new ways to deal with drought situations and expanding urban infrastructure.

“We have the ability to eliminate the heating and cooling costs from plant operations through our patented grey water geothermal heat exchangers. In addition, as pressurized grey water lines are installed in cities, businesses may tap this resource for their own HVAC requirements,” said Brian Mello, senior vice president of Encore Energy Systems.  “We extract the thermal properties from the water and return it to the line, where it may be reused again. WWTP’s may recover water processing costs by charging for the use of this resource, providing a welcomed recurring revenue source to aid in recouping operational costs.”

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