Greenline and Valco Start Up 3-mgy Biodiesel Plant in Texas

Greenline Industries and Valco Bioenergy announced the commissioning of their latest 3 million gallon a year (mgy) biodiesel production facility in Harlingen, Texas.

The new facility provides ASTM quality biodiesel from locally grown cotton seeds and other vegetable oils to meet the expanding demand for a clean, renewable and efficient fuel to the Texas diesel fuel distributor.

Greenline’s waterless, continuous flow-through process is delivered on easily assembled skids to the plant site from their manufacturing facility in Stuttgart, Ark. The waterless design eliminates the need for water treatment facilities downstream from production and allows for a more rapid permitting process.

“This has been one of the most trouble-free start ups I have ever witnessed,” said Hollis Sullivan, Valco Bioenergy’s CEO. “We ran extensive tests before starting production on our cotton seed oil, and eliminated all of the potential problems before commissioning. The plant itself was rapidly brought up to its full production capacity, and has been handed over in a fully operational mode.”

Ted Lavoie, Greenline’s CEO, said, “The need for biodiesel, right in the heart of the Texas Oil country, underscores the need for a worldwide effort to provide alternative, renewable energy sources for existing engines.”

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