Greenfield Studies Ethanol in Belarus

Greenfield Project Management has begun a comprehensive energy system study for its proposed ethanol plants at Mozyr and Bobruisk, Belarus to be carried out by Swedish consulting firm SEP Scandinavian Energy Project AB.

Greenfield will invest at least €65 million [US $98 million] to develop the projects over the course of 2008. SEP engineers will travel to Belarus to gather information for a report to determine the best possibilities for the energy supply to the Mozyr and Bobruisk plants. SEP will submit its report to Greenfield in about two months and will be followed by an Environmental Impact Assessment Study.

“We’ve been delayed by the difficult conditions caused by the turmoil in Western financial markets, but we are now able to confirm a first round of [financing] to carry the projects forward this year,” said Michael Rietveld, CEO of Greenfield.


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