Green Tags to Florida

JEA, the largest municipal electric utility in Florida, and Sterling Planet, Inc., the first company with a nationally available green energy choice, have announced a new plan to market the environmental attributes from solar power installations in the JEA service territory of northeast Florida. Most of the 520 kW have been installed since 2000 at 26 Jacksonville area high schools, where the facilities are demonstrating the benefits of solar power as an emission-free Renewable Energy source.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – April 29, 2002 [] The environmentally friendly attributes of these solar facilities will be sold as tradeable renewable certificates, or TRCs – also known as Green Tags – through Sterling Planet. TRCs represent the environmental benefits of Renewable Energy generation in the form of a marketable commodity that is created when Renewable Energy is substituted for traditional power. Consumers and businesses that buy TRCs help lessen dependence on burning fossil fuels to produce electricity and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other harmful air pollution. TRCs subsidize renewable or green energy production because generating this emission-free electricity is typically more expensive and less cost competitive than electricity generated from nuclear power or the combustion of coal and other fossil fuels “The sale of Green Tags is one more way to help JEA achieve our ambitious commitment to increase our renewable and clean energy capacity over the next few years,” said Susan Hughes, JEA Vice President of Environmental Services. JEA has set a goal to have 7.5 percent of its generating capacity from clean and green sources by 2015. That amounts to about 250 MW. ”We’ve made a good start, but we have a great deal more work to do.” “Sterling Planet is encouraged and confident that the contract with JEA to market these solar attributes nationwide will provide JEA revenue to fund JEA’s commitment to more Renewable Energy,” said Mel Jones, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Sterling Planet. “Customers all over the world are interested in green (renewable) energy. Marketing TRCs or Green Tags that are endorsed by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency is a way to deliver a renewable energy choice to those businesses and consumers across the country whose electric utility does not have a green pricing program. “ This agreement permits Sterling Planet to nationally market TRCs from both solar photovoltaic and solar thermal projects in the Jacksonville area. These TRCs are now part of Sterling Planet’s 100 percent green energy blend, which also includes TRCs from geothermal, small hydro, biomass and wind projects.
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