Green Tags Sales in Massachusetts

CSGServices, Inc. finalized the sale of US$1.8 million of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to Massachusetts Electric Company, a subsidiary of National Grid. The certificates, sold in a single agreement on the New England Generation Information System (NE-GIS) market, meet the Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard (MA-RPS). Gas Recovery Systems, Inc. (GRS), of Livermore, Calif., the owner and operator of the renewable generating plants, supplied the certificates from its methane recovery plants in Massachusetts.

Westborough, Massachusetts – May 5, 2003 [] The NE-GIS market opened in July of 2002 as part of electric utility restructuring legislation enacted in 1998. The MA-RPS calls for, beginning in 2003, retail electricity providers in Massachusetts to purchase a minimum of their customer demand from qualified new renewable generation sources such as wind, biomass and solar that began producing power in 1998 or after. The law was created to establish a baseline of demand for cleaner, newer power plants and reward these cleaner technologies for their increased environmental performance when compared to conventional power plants. The REC certificates sold to Massachusetts Electric represent Renewable Energy generated from the third quarter 2002 through the end of 2004. Massachusetts Electric’s purchase of these certificates demonstrates the company’s efforts in complying with this law and provides a clear market signal that generators will receive an additional revenue stream based on their environmental characteristics. “We are happy to see a system where renewable generators can be rewarded and that National Grid can play a role in this market to ensure its future success,” said Michael J. Hager who heads up energy supply procurement for Massachusetts Electric. “Diversifying our energy supply by supporting Renewable Energy is good for our customers, the environment and our future.” CSGS, an affiliate of Conservation Services Group (CSG), facilitates trading between generators and electric suppliers by aggregating certificates for convenient purchase, assisting renewable generators in applying for Division of Energy Resource (DOER) qualification, as well as marketing and selling their generation to purchasers. This clearly demonstrates to generators that the market is working and that there is healthy demand for new, renewable generation,” said Stephen L. Cowell, CEO of CSG. CSG has been working with National Grid and its subsidiaries on energy efficiency programs for more than 20 years. GRS operates methane recovery plants throughout the United States. Plants that supplied certificates for Massachusetts Electric are located in Fall River and Randolph, Massachusetts. “We are pleased to see the market for the green attributes of power generation developing in New England,” said Stephen Probyn is CEO of Clean Power, Inc., administrator of the Clean Power Income Fund that supports GRS. “Through the efforts of CSGS, GRS is realizing a 30-40 percent gain beyond the value of generation for its methane recovery plants.”
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