Green Tag Broker Receives Green-e Certification

Evolution Markets LLC has been approved to transact Green-e certified tradable renewable certificates (TRCs) products by the San Francisco, California-based nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions(CRS).

White Plains, New York – April 4, 2003 [] Evolution Markets is the first broker to obtain approval to source and package TRCs for Green-e certification, according to the company. The agreement will enable Evolution Markets to offer certified tradable renewable certificate products to the wholesale market on a regional and national basis. Under the agreement with the CRS, Evolution Markets will offer an increased range of value-added services to the Renewable Energy markets. Eligible generators who transact through Evolution Markets will be able to sell their renewable certificates in the market for Green-e products, thereby enhancing the value of the certificates and expanding the markets available to them. In addition, Evolution Markets will submit to Green-e’s annual independent accounting and verification audit, allowing green marketers and other wholesale buyers of TRCs to benefit from reduced administrative burden and improved supply of Green-e certified TRCs. “We are very pleased to be the first broker to serve the wholesale market with Green-e certified TRCs,” said Andrew Ertel, president and CEO of Evolution Markets. “The markets for renewables have shown tremendous growth, but some would-be market participants still encounter barriers. As brokers, our role is to facilitate transactions and improve liquidity. Evolution Markets’ ability to offer Green-e certified TRCs to customers nationwide is an important step for the development of Renewable Energy markets.” Green-e is a nationally recognized standard that helps consumers identify environmentally superior Renewable Energy offerings. The voluntary certification program verifies that tradable renewable certificates meet strict environmental and consumer protection standards, and provides customers with the assurance that their green purchase supports generation from new renewable resources. To qualify for Green-e certification, TRC products must originate from 100 percent new renewable facilities that generate energy from eligible resources such as the sun, the wind, the heat of the earth, low-impact hydropower, biogas, or biofuels. Evolution Markets is actively involved the development of voluntary markets for TRCs, also known as green tags, which align consumer demand for clean energy with generators of renewable certificates. In both types of markets, the company provides expert brokerage services to generators seeking to maximize the value of their projects and buyers seeking to improve their environmental performance and sustainability.
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