Green Power Offered Across the U.S. via Internet

Companies in the United States will offer a green power product across the continent using the internet.

WELLESLEY, Massachusetts, US, 2001-04-18 <> and Sterling Planet Inc. will offer the 100 percent renewable energy product to residential and business customers across the continental U.S. Sterling Planet is a web-based green power marketer based in Roswell, Georgia. Consumers can choose to replace 50, 75 or 100 percent of their conventional electricity with the green power option that is based on solar, wind, small hydro, geothermal and biomass facilities. Consumers will not be required to switch suppliers to participate, and will continue to receive a monthly bill from their current supplier. Sterling Planet says there will be no long-term contracts, and participants can change or cancel their green purchases at any time. “Through our new relationship with Sterling Planet, all of our customers now have a much broader array of electricity choices,” says Harvey Michaels, CEO of Nexus Energyguide, the company behind “Never before have so many Americans had the opportunity to choose green electricity and really make a positive, long-lasting impact on the environment.” The company says it will partner with utilities to offer the green power option. Sterling Planet claims the rights to all emissions reductions or credits associated with its green energy blend. The premium for green power will be 10 to 20 percent, or $10 to $15 more per month, say officials.. Sterling Planet will use the revenues to add renewable electricity to the national electric grid to replace an equivalent amount of conventional electricity. The option will be offered in 48 mainland states and DC, and allow residential and commercial customers in regulated markets to choose green electricity without having to switch to a new electricity provider. Sterling Planet will feed the green generation into the national electric grid, and are paid the monthly premium. The consumer pays a regular bill to their utility. As demand for green power increases, the company predicts that costs will drop. is an online resource for advice about energy issues, including a comparative process to allow consumers to find and select electricity and natural gas options based on factors such as origin of power. Nexus Energyguide was formed in 1997, and launched in 1999 to offer tools which analyse energy usage. The service is available through Wattage Monitor, a nationwide consumer service. “We are pleased to offer consumers the opportunity to learn about and choose green energy,” says president Gerald Alderson. “Sterling Planet offers consumers guaranteed green energy while they remain with their current utility, which allows the company to offer service even in states that have not yet deregulated.”

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