Green Power Labeling Hits Consumer Market

Consumers looking for ways to spend their money in an environmentally sustainable fashion will soon be offered the chance to select products that were manufactured by companies which themselves support renewable energy for their energy needs.

“Made With Renewable Energy” to Appear on Product Packaging Chicago, Illinois – December 5, 2003 [] At the 8th National Green Power Marketing Conference, the Green-e Renewable Energy Certification Program of the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) announced its launch of the new initiative that will place the Green-e logo on packages of consumer products manufactured by companies purchasing certified renewable energy. Consumers in many regions of the U.S. can already support green power through the purchase of green tags, or renewable energy certificates (RECs). In this arrangement consumers are essentially paying a little extra on their energy bills to ensure their energy use is offset by renewable energy generation. While still a nascent market, it is growing steadily and creating the demand for increased renewable energy. Companies, especially those involved in manufacturing, which consume large amounts of energy can make a big difference in the renewable energy market, while at the same time improving their image to consumers. With 10,000 businesses and 110,000 households using Green-e certified renewable energy, the Green-e logo has become the leading symbol for certified renewable energy. CRS hopes the logo will become as popular as other distinguishing labels that influence people’s conscious buying decisions. “Consumers are accustomed to seeing the recycling logo on product packaging,” said Gabe Petlin, Green-e Program Manager for CRS. “Now, when you see the Green-e logo on a product you’ll know that a significant portion of the energy required to produce that product came from or was offset by high-quality renewable energy.” From beer and yogurt, to fabrics, coffees and teas, several companies selling consumer products purchase significant amounts of certified renewable energy for their headquarters and factories. Many businesses have already applied for authorized use of the Green-e logo, including White Wave (Silk brand soy milk products), Interface Fabrics Group, Choice Organic Teas, and Lundberg Family Farms (rice). “In response to the growing demand for use of the Green-e logo by companies and institutions, we’ve launched the ‘Made With Renewable Energy’ labeling program,” said Kýri Bolding, CRS Communications Director. “We invite companies to take advantage of public relations and branding opportunities that emerge from communicating their purchase of renewable energy.” Certified renewable energy is now available to every household and business, and increasing numbers of high-quality options are offered as new suppliers regularly enter the growing “green power” market. CRS said businesses are becoming the largest share of that market, as numbers of diverse companies purchase renewable energy to lessen their impact on the environment and uphold stated environment missions. Through the promotion of renewable energy purchases, these companies are realizing the public relations opportunities to communicate a compelling message on company environmental stewardship, said CRS. “By placing the Green-e logo on product packaging, businesses show their customers that they are taking action to protect the environment through the purchase of certified renewable energy,” added Petlin.
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