Green Power in Germany Grows by 18 Percent

The production of electricity from renewable energy sources in Germany grew by 18 percent last year, according to the country’s electricity association.

FRANKFURT, Germany – Power suppliers and private producers increased production of green power to 34.3 Billion kilowatt-hours in 2000, up from 29.1 billion kWh in 1999. The sources include hydroelectric, wind, biomass, garbage and photovoltaic energy technology, according to VDEW, the electricity association in the Federal Republic of Germany. The installation of new wind facilities was a major reason for the increase, along with an increase in output from hydro site. Excluding pumped storage, hydro generated 20.5 billion kWh last year, says VDEW, up from 19.7 in 1999. Wind contributed 9.2 billion kWh, up from 5.5 billion in 1999. Biomass and garbage generated 4.5 billion, while solar PV generated 0.05 billion kWh, up from 0.02 billion the year before. Renewable energy now provides 7 percent of Germany’s electricity, up from 6 percent in 1999. VDEW represents 750 electricity suppliers in Germany.

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