Green Mountain Power, Clean Air-Cool Planet Team Up for RE

Green Mountain Power and environmental nonprofit Clean Air – Cool Planet (CA-CP) have joined forces to enable Green Mountain Power’s customers to help build new Renewable Energy resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

COLCHESTER, Vermont – May 8, 2002 [] Through two programs called “CoolHome(SM)” and “CoolBusiness(SM)”, CA-CP will keep carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the air for each participant by helping to build a new wind turbine and a Vermont farm methane system that will reduce consumption of fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels is the primary source of the greenhouse gases – principally CO2 – that contribute to global warming. For a one-time donation of just US$60, each CoolHome(SM) participant will help to offset 6 tons of CO2 emissions – the amount of an average Vermont home’s annual heating fuel and electricity use. With the CoolBusiness(SM) program, businesses learn how much CO2 emissions they cause and choose the amount they wish to offset. Green Mountain Power has taken the lead by offsetting a year’s worth of CO2 emissions – 290 tons – from both powering and heating its corporate and operations facility in Colchester. “Offering this program to our customers is a natural extension of our corporate commitment to protecting the environment,” said Stephen C. Terry, Senior Vice President of Green Mountain Power. “We already have an energy supply mix that is unusually low in emissions and now our customers can choose to lessen the impact of the total energy use in their home. This program is much like the WARMTH support program, only here our customers can make donations to help fight global warming, in a similar way that our customers help low-income customers heat their homes.” “The CoolHome(SM) and CoolBusiness(SM) programs provide a way for Green Mountain Power’s customers to contribute to global warming solutions,” said Adam Markham, Executive Director of CA-CP. “By helping build new Renewable Energy sources, we can neutralize the impact of our own energy use by causing reductions in fossil fuel emissions. We believe that Green Mountain Power is the first utility in the Northeast to offer its customers a way to offset their total energy use by supporting the development of new renewable resources.” CA-CP plans to work with Vermont-based NativeEnergy to acquire the emission reductions because NativeEnergy’s services drive the construction of new renewable generators, nationally and locally, creating new environmental benefits. The CoolHome(SM) program will help build the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Wind Turbine Project in South Dakota, the first Native American owned and operated large-scale wind turbine. It will displace electricity that would otherwise come mostly from burning coal “upwind” from Vermont. About half of the CO2 emission reductions will come from a new farm methane project in Bradford, Vermont that will eliminate lagoon storage of manure and capture and use methane gas. The project will avoid direct emissions of methane gas and will displace fossil fuel use for the space and process heat. “Even though Vermont’s electricity mix is a relatively low CO2 emission source, we can help place wind turbines in other areas that are not as fortunate and utilize those reductions to offset the CO2 emissions from our heating and other fossil fuel use. The Vermont farm project can directly address local farm waste and energy use right here at home,” said Tom Boucher, President & CEO of NativeEnergy. All money donated will go directly to CA-CP for Renewable Energy programs. Green Mountain Power will retain none of the donation proceeds.
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